I got the chemistry today! Two big packages from FOTOIMPEX arrived. Safely packed items, reasonable shipping costs and complete order make it a joy, to order from them – Dankeschoen und freundliche Gruesse aus dem Balkan an dieser Stelle!

To be able to watch some reviews on youtube while waiting for development and of course to keep the process easy and repeatable with similar results, I decided, to buy a Film Processor. This will help, especially on the workshops, because it is much easier to process also bigger amounts of film without big hassle.

I decided to order the CPE-3 Film Processor by JOBO.

I was surprised about the weight of the packages but understood, when I opened them – most of the used parts are more or less strong plastic. This absolutely makes sense when working with liquids. Very important in this moment is the construction and flawless cooperation of used parts and materials. Let the problems begin:

As you can see, the main wheel doesn’t turn really round around the axis. This is pushing the smaller – connecting gear in an out with the following ugly result:

I will have to send this device back. The question is – shall I order a new one so we can use it for the soon starting first workshop or does it maybe not make sense because the next one might be faulty again? I will get connected with FOTOIMPEX and JOBO to ask for advice and keep you informed about the results. Let me know, if you find people having similar problems so we start practicing the bar man style chemistry mixing.

Not only did I receive the needed chemistry and the JOBO CPE-3, but also some missing parts for the dark room, a lot of BW paper and one more film format.

Can you find out what special format this is and more interesting: What old school cameras you can feed and what results you can achieve?

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