By coincidence I got aware of the German photographer Johannes Huwe. I will not copy and paste some of his pictures here in this blog because you will click on the links in this post. I will rather write, what makes his approach interesting for me and solve the secret, how I got aware of him.

Johannes Huwe is interesting, not only because of his photos that often really “catch a moment”, but because he has an interesting approach – not only to his photography. He titles himself an adventure and nature photographer. I actually see a lot of “street” / people / action also. Actually one thing he does – he combines his joy of travelling with photography. That sounds easy and many people do that or want to do something like that.

If you see, where he travels (Namibia, Antarctica, Iceland etc…) and how, you understand his passion about analog photography and where his approach just fits. He likes to travel with his converted Land Rover Defender, that brings him closer to the places and the people that he visits. Ok – let me show you one copy paste self portrait of the man:

Johannes Huwe – riding his Land Rover Defender

Analog equipment makes you focus on your compositions and take your time for your shots and the people and the places or just the places without people – Landrover Defender… This doesn’t mean, you cannot capture a flying flag girl! Make sure, to check one of his latest series “The Race of Gentlemen”, that documents the daredevil racing at the beach from Wildwood, New Jersey, USA. The Leica Fotografie International Blog hosts a post about this trip of his in 2015. features an interview with Johannes Huwe on “The Ambiguous Beauty of Patagonia” where he shot with an old LEICA M3.

When I purchased a LEICA M3 in Ebay to have more mounting options for my M-lenses lately, I was surprised that the seller was not at home and the camera was on service at Leica. Johannes was on a trip (again) to the US and was – as he wrote – unsatisfied with some cleaning/adjusting of the camera by the Leica service. For me this was no problem to wait for that camera since I have too many nice analog options around me anyway. So I responded to take his time, enjoy the trip and not worry which he hopefully did. Especially older cameras like the Leica M3 need a professional service after not being used for a long time. So I am double happy about the fact that the camera was used in the last years and got serviced by Leica – with quality control by Johannes Huwe! Cannot be any better! Our Leica is loaded with Kodak Tri-X 400 that looks through a very beautiful Summicron f=5cm 1:2 from the Fifties – just like the camera itself.

Leica M3 from 1957 with Summicron 50mm f2.0 from 1954

This purchase that arrived today, resulted already in a pleasant communication with an interesting person and his approach to travel the world! Lets see, if he takes my invitation for some adventure – visiting us and our nice places and people here in Bulgaria.

Find Johannes Huwe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Society6, and World Photography Organisation.

Ben and Juergen walking the 1963 Deutz D40


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