So here we go again. Every day is unique, right? I promised to tell you about my experience with Stand Development and the Dark Room. Look how serious I am

Shortly,  the door is locked, the lights are shut down, nobody sees nothing. Only one red lamp coming through the dark. OK, three minutes and everybody’s ready for action. For more fun we were five people in our “small dark room” and the most responsible person was taking care for the paper prints. The Pilot was with the machine and the chemist was taking care of the chemistry. The other two were our masters of mixology, providing us with finest drinks. Start. The box is opened, the is paper out and illuminated, and ADOX Easy Print RC 311 immersed in the developer. This is how it looks like:

We made probably 200 photos for 5 hours… Crazy. Like print machines.. Have you ever tried photogram? I can show you something we did for fun:

Joy to touch this energy!


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