Yesterday evening I wanted to try developing the first shot ILFORD PAN F PLUS 50 120 so bad, so my dissapointment about the not usable JOBO CPE-3 was infinite. By getting the device to work I wanted to check the process after so many years and find out, if the old Mamiya 6x7s would still work before starting the workshops.

Since the semiautomatic Processor is unusable for now, I decided to try Stand Development. This process is much more relaxed then the permanent agitation and requires less precise temperatures. Also it is very efficient about the use of materials. I found a very good guide by Hildebrand Photography through a nice video by Mattias Burling – one of my absolute favourite youtube channels not only about the topic of photography. The Swede with the pleasant voice reports about Indy Filmmaking, Smartphones, Cameras, Gadgets. He does Unboxings, Reviews, Demos and Tutorials and always tries to keep the budget low and the quality high as he says.

Right now I am waiting for the long development process. For my needed approximately 500ml, I used just 5ml of ADOX RODINAL developer. The film is in there for 30 minutes now – I am so slow on this blogging thing.  Lets turn it again and watch an episode of Rick and Morty in my case. After this, I am planning a watering as a stop bath to finish by the fixer, that will require a more standard treatment so I will not be able to blog this live… Meanwhile – check out the unhealthiest but very practical way of storing exposed roll film. The aluminium foil inside works perfectly.

Believe it or not – everything worked. How un-expectable! After the in between watering and the classic fixing part with ADOX ADOFIX Plus I watered the film for about ten minutes, to finish of watering it with a tiny amount of dish soap. Enough commercial!

The following snapshots are taken with my cellphone camera, a piece of white plastic from some packaging and a semiprofessional Swedish diffusor lamp that I will show you if you endure to read the whole post until the end. Now check out these two exemplaric negatives from the film:

Yeah – don’t expect too much information in these pictures. Looks quite contrasty. I cannot wait to check tomorrow, if there is a focus somewhere. Until now, I am happy, the Mamiya RZ67 seems to work and the inpatient, manual process at home turned out to work too.

At last – I would like to dedicate the involved diffuser lamp to Mr. Burling from Sweden to save my day! Thanks for your nice channel and thanks to the reader for reading the whole post.

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