Since I lost my old DURST enlarger moving from Germany to Bulgaria, I had to reinvest in a new one. I would not even consider buying it new these days. High quality new enlargers range from hundreds to thousands of EUR but used ones are being given away for little money usually. Usually I am not so attracted to some of these old machines except maybe some LEITZ FOCOMATs.

Of course I managed to find an old but expensive Enlarger that I liked from the first view but I didn’t know the producers – FUJIMOTO. Since I didn’t find a lot of information about the company and even less about their products, I took some first pictures and decided to scan the German manual for the FUJIMOTO LUCKY ENLARGER 90M-D.


Nice, that I could purchase it with the needed film holders for 35mm and 120mm formats.

With the above lens from Minolta, we successfully enlarged some of our 35mm negatives on paper. The mounted lens on the following picture can be used for the 6x7cm big negatives from the Mamiyas or the 6×6 of the Rolleiflex.

Schneider-Kreutznach Componon-S

Whoever finds information about the company or their machines in general – let us know in the comments.

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