Henri de Régnier (28 December 1864 – 23 May 1936) was one of the most important poets of the  French Symbolism. He was also the leader of the always known to be very conservative Académie française a French council for matters pertaining to the French language. They are so French – they publish their website only in French. To immortality! (Their Motto).

One of Régniers Romans “Le Bon Plaisir” from 1902 about “the nice pleasures”, was published by different printing houses. Some of these books were not made for a larger audience but produced in limited editions and were equipped with different illustrations.

The following scans show the inner cover of the book, Paris, La Roseraie, 1929. On another dedicated site it documents the amounts and numbering of the limited edition. 130 copies on Rives vellum (total circulation 226 copies).

The shown etchings in color are done by Félix Roy – easier found under his Pseudonym Sylvain Sauvage a French illustrator that lived from 1888 to 1948.

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