The nicest thing about Stand Development is the time that you have. The process is slow. Right now I am developing the first roll of KODAK T-MAX 100 medium format film – same style like yesterday – Stand Dev. The difference is the agitation. With the ILFORD PAN 50 I didn’t do anything except the first and last turns of the development box. Today I turn the box once in a while – randomly – planned for one hour. Why? Well – the KODAK TMAX is somehow packaged different then the ILFORD. There isn’t so much paper – it feels different and the film itself also feels different. Somehow, it seems to be thinner. I was not able, to get it on the spool and it bent badly sometimes – I hope, I didn’t break it. So since I am not really patient and I didn’t want to stress it more and touch it everywhere, i just dropped it in the box without the spool. After 3 Minutes of watering, it is developing as I write this. Remembering the unhealthy storage idea – while waiting for the results – can you find the mistake about the TMAX in this picture? I don’t talk about the baby stealing the cigarettes from the model…


Wow – I just developed the paper around the film. I am sure, opening the dark sack will have exposed the film that was still inside but I put it on a spool together with an exposed ILFORD DELTA 3200 to see, if I can save something by any chance. Headband and waiting again.

Earlier today I tried making some contact prints and at least some small enlargements to get more idea about focus, camera movement etc. I choose ILFORD Developer and Fixer, The Stopp-Bath is water. For these first tests, I took some sheets of ADOX Easy Print RC 311 – a glossy, easy to work with paper that is used in schools and for workshops.

The pictures are taken with a cell phone under very warm light so it looks even more yellowish than it actually is but yes – the paper is somewhat egg shell coloured. On other pictures it looks different – more reddish but still somehow retro – fitting to the very slow film. After experimenting with different timings, it got clear, that all of the taken pictures are about one step overexposed. There is not really much information in the faces but I still like the look of the combination of film, lens and paper.

Until I have a scanner working – sorry for the bad quality – actually it should be absolutely different but actually – you know how it is… Cant wait – forgive the quality – judge yourself – two more examples:

Yes – I know the heads are missing – its just some documentation. Read some short info about the company ADOX in WIKIPEDIA – it has  a quite interesting history.

Yes again – problems with chemistry, light, dust, hair – omg. Good, that I have so good looking models! I am pleased – about the look of the paper in combination with the film look.

Both films that I set to develop during blogging turned out to contain something by the way. Even the one I left in the open dark sack! At least three pictures seem to have turned out which is not too much, but actually I seem to have caught every desired motive (peace Stan4o!) at least once.




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