Hallo 🙂 To get into something you need to feel it first. I think it holds true for everything. Why am I telling you this? You shall see. I wanted to try MAMIYA RZ 67 Pro II so much and I got one. I did ten shots, and I couldn’t  wait to see the results from ROLLEI RETRO 80S. Guess what I did. I opened the black box with the film inside, without knowing there is no fixer. One really gray panoram in front of my face. Everybody was waiting to see my photos and the only thing they saw is one empty film. It doesn’t matter because I figured out I need to be patient if I want success! I almost convinced myself I have no luck with Analog Photography. Zenit E was out of focus, I shot four different films with it, but there were always mistakes during the whole process. What can happen more? Same night I met Olympus 35 SPI told you about my reward when I was 16 years old. It was Digital Olympus. I felt connection with this camera, but I was quite bitter about MAMIYA RZ 67 Pro II and couldn’t let go. I went to bed and started researching about the camera, whole night long. The film inside was KODAK TRI-X 400. The camera was cocked. I woke up in the morning and I did the first shot. I thought “What the heck is going on here? Is this camera broken?” The sound was odd. I decided to be patient and to just think before I act. Had a snack and went to Analog Safari in one village near Veliko Tarnovo.

on the way

We went to an old abandoned school, perfect place for Black and White films.

I took 36 shots and left the camera. This time I wanted to feel independent, from the beginning till the end, me to develope the film. That’s exactly what I did. I opened the Olympus 35 SP, took the KODAK TRI-X 400 out. Everything was prepared for the Dark Sack. There were strange sounds coming out of it when I started to roll up the film. I put the film in the black box. I checked carefully to ensure myself that the black box was closed. I opened the Dark Sack and started the development. Half and hour and finally I was about to see the film. I washed it and opened the box. There was information! Everything seemed really good. I hung the film with weights to let it dry. The scanner was ready for action. We cut the film in six peaces. Put it in the scanner in expectation to be scanned. First photo – perfect focus, nice exposure. Remember that I questioned the skills of Olympus 35 SP ? No more doubts.





Please share your opinion, it will help me. I am deeply impressed from Olympus 35 SP. If you are wondering what camera with fixed-lens to try, for sure this one will give you something unique, something to enjoy. The whole world knows this.

Thank you for your attention. Have a perfect week. More smiles for more captures.

It’s part of the plan.

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