The LEICA M3 was produced between 1954 and 1966 with a couple of special German Army models in 1968. Most of them are in a chrome version because black cameras were not fashionable these days. If you want to buy a black version nowadays, get ready to pay! The amount of Leica collectors around the world outgrows the numbers of produced models so prices are crazy high. If you ever see one appearing for sale also be ready to buy a fake variant that was painted.

Leica M3 with an old Summicron 50mm f2.0 mounted and loaded with a roll of Kodak TriX 400

If you compare the M3 to the other Ms the most important differences to me are the Self timer and the nice big, clear and clean viewfinder.

Enough marketing – lets have a look, what comes out of a 60 year old camera / lens combination.


So – this was the Kodak TX 400 – the camera and lens seem to work. Do you like the pictures? Loading a different film this time – as I mentioned – the experimental creativity is the most important right now…


learn some German here
no words needed
getting ready
yes – the loading procedure feels different
feels different and takes more time
ready loaded and btw. …


Of course, you can mount also other lenses so lets try this camera also with one nice little Voigtlaender 21mm f4.0 lens.

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